KAPLA Octocolour case – 100 pieces


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Designed by Tom van der Bruggen in France.

Made from 100% untreated pinewood sourced from the sustainable Foret des Landes in the southwest of France. The pinewood is shaped in high precision manufacturing and left natural or coloured with natural pigments to ensure safe play.

Made in Morocco.

Block Dimensions: all identical! 11.7cm x 2.34cm x 0.78cm in the ratio 1:3:5



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KAPLA Octocolour was designed by Tom van der Bruggen in collaboration with artistic painters. KAPLA Octocolour has 100 planks in 8 stunning colours, using natural pigments, presented in a compact wooden case with four compartments. The KAPLA Octocolour is a great accompaniment to the KAPLA 100 box or 200 case. Take your KAPLA creations to a new level with this colourful palette.